Bramble House is the place to go, when you’re looking for a taste of over ‘ome!


Over the past 18 years, Bramble House has been Montreal's best little British food shop. Located on the West Island in the village of Valois, (Pointe Claire), Bramble House offers a wide selection of your favourite treats and sweets from Britain. We have all the cherished brands like Heinz, Bisto, Paxo, Colmans,

Our little Shop

Have you been to the “Brambles” yet?

For over 18 years, Bramble House has been everyone’s favourite little British shop on the West Island of Montreal.

When you come to the shop, you will see we are well-packed with your favourites from the UK.
From crisps, sweets and chocolate, to pantry staples like Branston and Pickled Onions, toffees, Jelly Babies, and of course our frozen selection of Potato Scones, Empire Biscuits, Battenberg Cakes, Tea Scones, and a gorgeous selection of Vegan and Vegetarian Pasties.

Everything about Bramble House is designed to make our everyday life just a little more special, so treat yourself to a visit soon.

Teas and drinks

The British are a nation of tea drinkers, with over 165 million cups consumed every single day.
First imported in the 17th century, the drink became a craze after Charles II's queen, Catherine of Braganza, pronounced herself a fan.