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Bramble House is the place to go, when you’re looking for a taste of over ‘ome!


We have moved to 45 Donegani Ave.!

Same little shopping mall and parking lot, just 5 doors to the east.

Have you been to the “Brambles” yet?

For over 14 years, Bramble House has been everyone’s favourite little British shop on the West Island of Montreal.

Our online shop remains closed for the time being, due to the unpredictable availability of specialty import foods, and we apologize for not being able to offer the convenience of online ordering right now.

When you come to the shop, you will see we are well-packed with your favourites from the UK. From crisps and sweets and chocolate, to pantry staples like Branston and Pickled Onions, toffees and fudge, and on to our frozen selection of pies and meats – Steak & Kidney, and Chicken Curry! as well as Scottish Meat Pies, black pudding, square slice, and more – you will certainly find something you love at Bramble House.

Everything about Bramble House is designed to make our everyday life just a little more special, so treat yourself to a visit soon.