Bassett’s Jelly Babies – 190gBassett’s Licorice Allsorts – 190gBassett’s Murray Mints – 200gBassett’s Sherbet LemonsBournville 45gCadbury Buttons 30gCadbury Dairy Milk CaramelCadbury White ButtonsCurly WurlyDairy Milk – 45gDairy Milk Bar – 200grDairy Milk Fruit and Nut 200grDairy Milk Whole NutDolly Mix – 150gDouble DeckerFlakeFry’s Chocolate CreamFry’s Peppermint CreamFudgeGalaxy / Galaxy Ripple

Chocolate and Sweets

British Chocolate, of course, is better than our North American chocolate. They don’t put wax in the chocolate, for one thing, so the chocolate melts as soon as it hits your mouth. Lovely! Also, British chocolate uses real cocoa, real sugar, and less of the “stuff” you will find in North American chocolate bars. The sweets from Britain are uniquely flavoured and remarkably rewarding for the sweet tooth!