Barry’s Gold BlendBewley’s Dublin MorningBewley’s Irish BreakfastGlengettie (Welsh tea)PG Tips 40sPG Tips 80sPG Tips DECAFPG Tips Loose LeafScottish BlendTaylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold 80sTaylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold Loose LeafTaylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea 80sTaylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea Loose LeafTaylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Tea DECAF


Our teas are our pride and joy! Being able to provide a good selection of tea is something any proper British shop must do, and so we do our best to ensure a solid selection of British teas. We sell predominantly tea bags, but do provide a selection of loose teas as well. Below we have indicated the size of the pack of tea by the number of tea bags (80s = 80 teabags, 40s = 40 teabags):