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Quinary Blog – Suggestion Box and Such

First off, here comes spring! That’s “HUZZAH!” worthy, isn’t it? Aye, indeed.

Ooooh lovely!

Ooooh lovely!

I’ve been holding on to this wee picture for some time now. I am quite pleased to finally be able to use it, here, to celebrate Spring. …because even if it’s a little cold and rainy, it’s still Spring. April showers, and all that. It happens every year, we grumble and moan, crab and complain, and then there is that one gorgeous day, and that’s all we need. So, here’s to one of the gorgeous days popping up soon, and it will, and we will all forget what we were whining about.

Suggestion Box and Such: We have received many, many suggestions in our Suggestion box, and some are for things we typically do carry – Robinson Orange Squash with No Added Sugar, for example. We have that usually (and I have some of that coming in today, in fact!). Monster Munch, Yorkshire Pudding Mix (I was going to link to the website on this, but I couldn’t find it, and then we realized that some wizard categorized it as a Pudding/Dessert. So we’re changing it now but I just want to finish this flipping thing and post it, so I’m not linking it but trust me when I say we have TWO kinds of Yorkshire pudding mix!)…regardless, these are items we do carry. Revels = we used to bring them in, but not too many folks wanted them so we stopped carrying them. Maybe we can revisit that. Anyhow, there are too many to go through here, it would get boring quickly and I know this because I have tried, several times, to write about it here and have bored myself silly. So, I will spare you that and just say that we really do appreciate all the suggestions and we do look into every one to see if it’s something we could carry (eg., Moro Chocolate bars!) or something that is perhaps too pricey for our clientele (eg., Hotel Chocolate.)

One suggestion is for Maoams Candy. We looked this up and came across the rather scandalous imagery on the packages: 2012-95MAOMmaoam
Sooooo, what precisely is happening on these lovely packages? It looks like fruit sex, doesn’t it? Lovely. We may, or may not, make an effort to bring these in.



Marmite Crisps – We cannot get these anymore. This doesn’t mean they aren’t available in England, but rather that I am not able to get them.

TWIGLETS: Why, we just received an order today of Twiglets. And Monster Munch, actually. So, there you are.

I would dearly love to find Sherlock Holmes merchandise, and several of you have asked, but we have yet to find anything. I think once we saw a Sherlock Holmes teapot which was quite fun, but pricey and that was the only item available which seemed a bit wee for an order from England, so we still do look and we will, I am sure, eventually find something.

We do hope you will keep making suggestions! It is helpful to see what people want, and we have added items to our inventory on many occasions because of the Suggestion Box (Cadbury Boost, for example, and Kendall Mint Cake*).

*Okay, Kendall Mint Cake story. Back in the day, when we were just starting out and still trying to figure out what sort of British food we should be carrying, several people recommended Kendall Mint Cake. And every time, I would answer, “We cannot bring cake in; the shelf life is too short and it’s too fragile to ship.” Because, see, I assumed the Mint Cake was a cake-cake. Not so-obviously, it isn’t. What amazes me is that no one ever corrected me, but rather looked at me strangely and then moved on. We received a lot of suggestions for that, and when we looked for it from a distributor, there it was, not a cake-cake, but a mint bar.  Imagine my surprise and embarassment. Who knew? Well, apparently everyone but me. Ah. Good times.

Righto. This has taken days of interruptions to finally write. But you know, yay! It’s spring.

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