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Blog the Third, Again

I posted this a few days ago, but due to an unfortunate “WHOOPS!” it, along with many other lovely things, was accidently removed from the website. I have re-posted many of the gifts, and a few more. There are Guinness gifts, Dr. Who gifts, National bits (Union Jack stuff), and some Keep Calm and Carry On items. It isn’t extensive by any means, and those of you who have shopped here will notice that it is but a pittance of our inventory; however, I will keep on with it.

Frankly, and I know none of you care, but it’s bloody tedious work. And it’s so easy to mix things up, and have to start over. Rather, that’s how it is for me, as I am not what one could call “adept” with new information technologies. Ha ha. That’s what we called it in university, everything online, all that “interweb” sort of thing, we called it all “New Information Technologies” and if you wanted a research grant, all you had to do was write up anything that involved this lovely catch-all phrase and you could get funding. I miss those lazy, hazy, crazy days of research. But I digress. I mean, here we are, knee-deep in the British shop, aren’t we!

So what was I going on about? Right. I’ve managed to post a few gifts, and we will work to keep updating the website so that every time you have a look, there will be something new and excellent. I am also having too much fun writing product descriptions for the gift items, so if anyone is ever offended, believe me, that’s my fault. Ha haa. For fun, have a look at the Guinness Silk Tie.

What else is news for blogging? Am I still missing Portugual? YES. I miss drinking excellent cheap wine in outdoor cafes, where lovely people wander about easily, with their amazingly healthy and happy dogs. I miss the fresh food in every restaurant. I miss the smells of  the ocean. I miss the feel of sand between me toes, and whooooosh of the waves. But spring is HERE, isn’t it. That makes all the difference. Sunshine and all. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Oh wait, one more thing:

LATE BREAKING NEWS… EASTER CHOCOLATE ABOUNDS AT THE BRAMBLE. We received the rest of our Easter order, and holy cow, we ordered so much chocolate I can’t begin to count the ways the chocolate is awesome at Bramble this weekend. It is a dizzying array of eggs, and chicks filled with Smarties, and Thornton’s luxurious chocolate, and Cadbury’s, and Maltesers, and Roses’ Eggs, and Quality Street Eggs, and Galaxy… I don’t think we missed a thing, frankly. You should come and have a look-see, because this stuff flies for Easter, every year. By the way, we have the Cadbury Buttons Egg, this year, with “toy” and the toy is a little stuffed monkey! Wheeeee!!

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