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Easter Chocolate! Crisp Delivery! Biscuits! MORE!

YES! Easter Chocolate!

Exhale my darlings, we finally received a delivery of Easter chocolate from England! Proper bloody stuff, this, right? We also received an absolute tsunami of crisps, Twiglets, and all manner of salty excellence. We are packed with biscuits, chocolates, sweets, and more. AND, as if that all weren't enough, we received a freezer delivery this morning, so we're well stocked on all things frozen - Empire Biscuits, Mince Tarts, Custard Tarts, Eccles, Scotch Eggs, Meat Pies, Potato Scones, and more.


We hate caveats sometimes! But the truth is part of our Easter delivery did not show up, so we are waiting to hear what happened to that. It is looking like items were left behind when everything shipped, so we are not expecting to see it before Easter at this point, which is a bugger, frankly. And while we are not the only shop that didn't receive everything we ordered, as far as we are concerned, we might as well be. Ha ha.

So, having said that, here is a list of what we received, and do keep in mind that quantities are low so do not dawdle on your Easter bits this year!

Dairy Milk Giant Egg
Dairy Milk Marvelous Creations Egg
Dairy Milk Large Creme Egg
Aero Bubbles Egg
Smarties Egg
Maltesers Egg
Thorntons Flutterby Egg
Thorntons Harry Hopalot Egg
Thorntons Footie Egg
Dairy Milk Mini Creme Eggs
Cadbury Mini Eggs Chocolate Egg
Milky Bar Egg
Milky Bar Mini Bunnies

We also have Cadbury Milk Tray, and bags of Cadbury Roses chocolates.

So, yeah. We are well aware that the Easter greatest hits of chocolate are missing here, and my brother is casting a wide net to snag whatever we can find for Easter, but we can't guarantee anything at this point. If we are able to sort this and get more, I will let you know immediately.

I'm not going to say there wasn't terrific cussing here yesterday when this all arrived, but, after I'd finished, I reminded myself that cussing doesn't change what has happened. It feels better, yes. But it doesn't accomplish much. Well. Feeling better is a little something, ha ha, but it doesn't change anything.
So, while we search for a solution, do take advantage of what we do have because it won't last long!


We did receive a huge order of other bits - biscuits and more biscuits! We also have Marks & Spencer Bourbon Creams in, and on sale for $2.50 for a 400 grams package, which is big. And these are pretty darned good Bourbon Creams, if I do say so, I'm eating them right now and they are lovely.

Anyway, we also received a double order of crisps (I know right? Short on Easter, Long on Crisps, that's just what happened...) so we are well packed with crisps of many flavours, including the Tayto Chicken, Beef, and the Cheese and Onion. Wotsits, KP Skips (so many cases of Skips!!) and Marmite Crisps, Twiglets, Guinness Crisps, and so on. Bacon Fries? Yup.

We have in Shortbreads, Bewley's and Barry's Teas, ... oh, and crisps. Ha ha. Loads of those.

And for those of you who have been asking, my back is recovering nicely, if not slowly, as these things do... but I am on the mend, doing everything I'm supposed to be doing, and I will be right as rain soon enough!

So on that note, enjoy the gorgeous weekend we've been promised!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Diane, Bernie, Kristie, Morgan, and Marian

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