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Terrific New Delivery

We have quite a selection of items we've not had for some time - Rose's Lime Cordial, Vegemite (VEGEMITE!!), Toffee Crisp, Topic Bar, Wispa, and we have the Minstrels back in stock as well.
Jacobs Cornish Wafers! Oh good glory, we have been waiting for those for ages.

We also received the Heinz Sandwich Spread, which many of you have been asking after, so get some while we got it!

Let Me Be Honest...

I'm exhausted. I strained my back a few weeks ago, and am working on restoring it to it's proper posturing glory but it is slow going, and the soreness is very wearying, as many of you well know. Today when the delivery arrived, the driver was a little skinny idiot who just dumped the pallet in the middle of the alley and left me with it. So I had to unload it all into the shop myself, with my tender lower back and all, and then I had to get most of it out on the shelves and all... so right now I am feeling really, really, really tired and crabby.

Having said all that, and thank you for letting me whinge, I can't seem to summon my usual enthusiasm for all things Bramble. We have a delivery in, we are well stocked on most everything you could want... Unless you are this one chap who comes in every week and manages - every time - to ask me for the one thing I don't have. It's become a bit of challenge now, so today when he came in, and I actually had everything he wanted, we all stood around for a moment and waited for it. Then, after some thought, he said, "Do you have any Dark Chocolate Hob Nobs?" and bingo. There it was. I congratulated him, we had a laugh. And we don't have any Dark Chocolate Hob Nobs in the shop this weekend, but we will next week. Ha ha.

But yes, generally speaking, we're well stocked. We have Heinz Tomato soup, Leek & Potato, and Vegetable as well. Oodles of Branston and Beans. Gigantic containers of beef Bisto granules. Plenty of crisps and KP Skips.

Scottish Blend Tea? YEP.

Anyway, so yeah. Well stocked. All is well. More is on the way next week, as always.
And I have to be brief this week, because... well, I am weary. And I know you understand. Thanks for that.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Enjoy the warmer weather, whenever it bloody gets here.
Diane, Bernie, Kristie, Marian, and Morgan

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